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Lightning Sometimes Strikes Twice

Our visit to Nürnberg at the tail end of September came just a couple of weeks after we’d learned that Richard and Collette had been busy again and were expecting the arrival of identical twins  in early April next year.  Who says ‘lightning never strikes twice’?  By the time of our visit I think that we’d all more or less got over the initial shock, so it was great to spend a little time with them commiserating congratulating them on their exciting news and hearing their plans.  It was also wonderful to have a few days with Gretel who unsurprisingly seems to change and grow with every week that passes.

For this visit we used Airbnb to book a very nice room in Weilandstraβe which is no more than10 minutes gentle stroll from Richard and Collette’s apartment.  We didn’t see a great deal of our hostess, Karin Wittenstein, but she made us very welcome and the room was comfortable and relatively inexpensive, so in all likelihood we’ll use it again for future visits.
A sunny day in the centre of Nurnberg

Statue in the centre of Nurnberg
These Nurnberg folk really know how to throw a party!

Once again we struck lucky with the weather and had an opportunity to do a bit more exploring around Nürnberg, including a fascinating visit to the building in which the war crimes trials were conducted in the aftermath of WW2.  Courtroom 600 and the associated visitor centre provided an excellent and well-balanced insight into the history of the Nazi era, the accused, the trials themselves and the social and political environment in which they were held.

On the Saturday we decided to venture a little further afield and, in company with Richard and Gretel, we let the train take the strain for the hour-long journey to Bayreuth.  On the way Denise enjoyed a long and detailed  conversation with the German lady who she sat next to – a great opportunity to practise her language skills but quite what they spoke about I don’t think even Denise is entirely sure.

See! – my Granny speaks perfect German

Bayreuth itself is a quiet and elegant city and well worth a visit.  As we sat in the main concourse enjoying our lunch I was reminded of our life in Germany nearly 40 years ago.  When all’s said and done things haven’t changed so very much – the beer and sausages still taste good!

Nuremberg with Richard and Colette

Slightly belated post to record our recent visit out to Nuremberg to spend a long weekend with Richard and Colette.  We like Germany (hardly surprising really considering the number of years we lived there and the fact that all of the children were born there) and we especially like Nuremberg, which seems to have everything going for it – great architecture, beer and bratwurst!

Once again we elected to fly from Stansted which, although not the most accessible airport from Gloucestershire, has the twin advantages of taking us direct to Nuremberg and offering the cheapest flights.


On the Saturday Richard kindly drove us the 60+ miles to Rothenberg ob der Tauber, a well-preserved medieval walled town  which Denise (heavily pregnant) and I last visited in 1982 with my parents.  Unsurprisingly it hadn’t changed much; perhaps there was rather more of the ‘Disney’ feel about the place this time, but nevertheless we enjoyed a wander around the town soaking  up a bit of spring sunshine whilst Richard lived out one of his ‘Teddy’ fantasies – try dribbling all over that one mate!PENT7245-small

The next day we trooped off in the opposite direction towards the Czech border just north east of Bayreuth.  Lovely walk, more sunshine, good food and a cooling radler in a great little gaststätte way up in the forest.

On Monday Denise and I  explored the Nuremberg alt stadt whilst Colette and Richard got on with earning a living; this is what retirement is really all about!

Thanks both for making us so welcome.  As Arnie says …… we’ll be back!