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Nelson and Blenheim

Denise had booked a hairdo for Monday morning so I spent the time writing up yesterday’s blog and re-packing the van ready for the second half of our New Zealand adventure.   With her majesty’s barnet sorted we drove the 50 or so miles from Nelson to Blenheim to visit the aviation heritage centre at Omaka, which is definitely worth a couple of hours of anybody’s time.  The museum houses a collection of twenty or so WW1 aircraft, some original and some faithful reproductions, and many of which are still airworthy.  Most of the aircraft are owned by Peter Jackson (of Lord of the Rings fame) and you can see his influence in the realism of the dioramas in which most of the aircraft are set – apparently his production company did much of the work.   Loads of other exhibits and lots of interesting research which is very well presented – definitely worth a visit, especially in this centenary year.


We found a quiet corner to camp on the edge of the Taylor Dam Reserve.  A pretty little place which for a change was teeming with birdlife – including a family of black swans.