Old Friends and Old Scoresdown

Its always nice to visit old friends – and even nicer when they’ve decided to take themselves off and move to a lovely part of the world.  Now,  at this time of year it would great if that idyllic spot just happened to be somewhere warm and sunny – but even it’s a touch on the damp side its still great to catch up with pals and explore their new home.

It had been a while since we’d met up with Simon and Debbie Kidner so when we heard that they’d bought a house on Exmoor we decided that we just had to invite ourselves for a short visit.  We’d originally planned to take the ‘van but, as that was still ‘hors de combat’ some five months after our minor disaster in Portugal, we shelved that plan and went by car – and a good job we did as their new abode is just a bit off the beaten track and I’m not entirely sure that the van would have made it there and back.

Old Scoresdown is a lovely old converted cottage about five miles from Lynton/Lynmouth on the northern edge of the moor in amongst some lovely scenery.  The house needs a bit of work to bring it entirely up to speed but it has masses of charm and vast amounts of potential – and I suspect that the challenge of a big project is exactly what Simon wanted.
We had a lovely couple of days admiring the property and exploring some of the local area (including the local pub) and can’t wait to get down there again in the Spring (hint for an invitation…).

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