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Pemberton back to Armadale (Perth)

Wednesday morning started badly.  Some kind soul obviously misjudged their parking in the hotel car park and left a 40cm scrape down the passenger door of our innocent little hire car.   Fortunately we’d had the sense to take out extended insurance with the hire, so we’re only (!) going to be $400 poorer as a result.  Never mind!

After breakfast we found our way to the nearby Gloucester Tree, yet another massively high Karri tree with a lookout station at the top.  Even Perthy wouldn’t go up this one – but that didn’t stop a group of young people (who I can only assume must have escaped from the local lunatic asylum) who were only too keen to clamber their way up those flimsy steep poles.

DSCN6043A few miles further down the road brought us to Big Brook Dam where we enjoyed a refreshing swim before starting the 150 mile drive back towards Perth.  Great scenery – every shade of brown interspersed with lush greens – and virtually empty roads… fantastic.

The end of the day brought us to the Heritage Country Motel at Armadale – not much to look at from the outside, but comfortable and with that most essential of all Western Australian facilities, a pool!