From Robe to Hamilton

The day started with a quick dip in the pool before we set off for a brisk walk along Rode’s 12 mile long beach – no, we did about four miles, but it seemed like a fairly energetic start to  the day nonetheless.  Aside from stopping briefly for breakfast in Millicent our first proper port of call was Mt Gambier which boasts (among other things) the Blue Lake – so named (yes, you guessed) because it has a wonderfully blue lake in the bowl of a defunct volcano .  In truth it seems that the lake is only blue for certain months of the year , but it was certainly bluer than a blue thing  for our visit.

Perthy wonders just why the Blue Lake is quite so,!
Perthy wonders just why the Blue Lake is quite so, well…blue!

The drive from Mt Gambier to Hamilton took us a little further than usual off the beaten track  – down long, straight roads bordered by enormous stretches of open grazing land with the odd herd/flock of cows and sheep scattered around for good measure.  This was our chance to see something of the local wildlife, but despite frequent signs warning us to watch out for koalas and kangaroos much to Denise’s frustration they declined to show!