From Airey’s Inlet to Melbourne

If this is Wednesday we must be getting near Melbourne.  The Cockatoos were back for breakfast but worked out pretty quickly that it wasn’t for sharing.  As we drove East from our overnight stop at Airey’s Inlet through Anglesea and Torquay the character of the area started to change – rather less quaint and rather more ‘big money’; this is obviously where the wealthy of Melbourne have their beachside houses and apartments.


After a brief visit to the Bellarine Peninsular, where we had coffee overlooking the entrance to Port Phillip Bay, we stopped off at the State Rose Garden at Werribee which (for the non gardeners amongst you) is rather more interesting than it sounds.  Dozens of different varieties of roses (surprise) and most exciting of all…. fruitbats!  With a wingspan of  2 to 3 feet, not something you’d really want to encounter on a dark night.